BRAVE - STRONG - HUMBLE - KIND - Mens Collection

BRAVE - STRONG - HUMBLE - KIND - Mens Collection
BRAVE - STRONG - HUMBLE - KIND - Mens Collection
BRAVE - STRONG - HUMBLE - KIND - Mens Collection

BRAVE - STRONG - HUMBLE - KIND - Mens Collection

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Bracelet Details

  • Inspire Me Bracelets are beautiful reminders that are crafted with earth stone beads and featuring a message of inspiration engraved on a stainless-steel bar.  Wear them throughout the day to fill your mind with inspiration.
  • Inspire Me Bracelets are made with 100% all-natural gemstones with a beautiful 403 grade stainless steel bar (rose gold bars are plated with 14k rose gold).
  • The bracelet bars have NO nickel or lead to ensure the bracelets are tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Each of our bracelets are made with a strong elastic string making them super easy to put on and great for comfortable wear.

Size Information

Medium - Wrist sizes 6.75 inches to 7.75 inches

Large- Wrist sizes 8 inches to 8.75 inches

Meaning Behind The Message

ALWAYS MY FATHER FOREVER MY FRIEND  I love my Dad… Dads hold our hands when we are young, but hold onto our hearts forever. Through the years, we watch their beards turn gray and their waistlines expand. We also observe their wisdom increase, their patience endure, and their love for their family grow deeper and wider. Fathers show us love every day in a 1000 different ways. He sings love songs off key. He makes us pancakes for dinner. He pretends to be excited when we wake him up at 6 AM. He smashes the roaches on the floor with his shoes. He runs behind our bikes mile after
mile, holding us steady with the strength in his arms... then lets us go to find our own balance and steer our own way. That’s what Dads do in life as well. They follow us around for two decades running behind us… holding us up, and catching
us when we fall. And then the day arrives, when we both know it is time, when he lets us go out into life to ride alone without him. Dad, I will always look back at you in my rearview mirror of life to see the pride in your eyes and the smile on your face. You are the perfect combination of strength and humility. So I am not going to give you another necktie or pair of socks… But rather my gift to you is this bracelet… It is given with love and appreciation for the greatest gift you ever gave me, the gift of being ALWAYS MY FATHER, FOREVER MY FRIEND.