We had an extraordinary dream in January 2017. “What if we could Inspire the world to love?” It sounds like such a simple message, but why is there so little love? Why is there so much hate? Why were so many people living in fear, or dealing with depression and insecurities? What if we could help change these feelings, conversations and thoughts of fear, hate and depression? What if we could change them to thoughts of faith, love and hope? We were so excited. We had found our mission “To inspire Faith, Hope and Love in people around the world”. Now the question was how??

Over the next few months, we researched everything on how to inspire faith, hope and love in ourselves. What we found was what you think about and focus on is what impacts your feelings. How you feel about something is how it impacts your life. If you want to be inspired, you need to think about things that inspire you. Then we discovered a powerful proverb from the Bible. “Friend, whatever is kind, whatever is good, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about these things and the God of peace will be with you”. So what you think about all the time helps shape the peace in your life. We put this straight to work. Every morning we started our day by writing down what we wanted to think about, but then we hit a wall. We would start the day great, but then we got busy and forgot about it half way throughout the day. What could we do to remind ourselves of these good things we wanted to think and focus on? That is when we found another amazing proverb from the Bible. Fix these words of mine into your mind and tie them around your wrist“ Deut 6:8 There it was. BRACELETS!!!! It was like fireworks went off. Put these messages of faith, hope and love on bracelets and send them around the world to Inspire Me, and You, and Everyone else. That was the birth of “Inspire Me Bracelets” .

We found the power of words can change your life. We started wearing them and giving them to everyone we knew. It was working! We were so excited that people were wearing our bracelets and using them to inspire themselves. That is when the movement began. People were inspired, they started giving the bracelets to friends and family they knew that needed inspiration. People were giving bracelets to friends needing inspiration. People gave a bracelet to a mom going through health issues, a friend moving to a new city, a girlfriend taking a test at school, a daughter who was getting bullied, a son who had tried to take his own life. We were doing our mission of spreading faith, hope and love. That is when we realized that once a person is inspired, they can inspire others. We could create a nation of people ready to inspire others. That is where the name #InspirationNation started. That leads us to where we are now.  Not only do we provide bracelets with inspiration but we now have multiple products to help spread the Inspiration. We are now called The Inspiration Co and have sent over 500,000 inspirational products with messages of faith, hope and love into 47 countries around the world. We are building the #InspirationNation of people that started by saying “Inspire Me” and are now ready to inspire others. Join with us in our dream. Together we can “Inspire the World to Love”.