Are you searching for moments of tranquility and self-discovery in the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? Look no further! Introducing Daily Meditation Journals, the perfect companions to bring your bracelets to life and delve into their profound meanings.

There are 2 collections of journals to pick from.

  1. Bloom Journals: The Bloom Journals are centered around our mantra and possitive affirmation sayings that help shift mindset and promote self-improvement. The Bloom Journals serve as a tool for self-discovery, empowerment, and cultivating a positive mindset. Each mantra or saying is associated with one of our bracelet engravings. By wearing the bracelet, you carry the mantra with you throughout the day, reminding yourself of the positive mindset you're cultivating. The bracelet and the journal work together to enhance your self-reflection and reinforce the transformative power of positive affirmations.

  2. Shine Journals: The Shine Journals focus on our scripture engravings. The Shine Jounals focus on how to incorporate the presence of God as an all consuming force that can permeate your thoughts and saturate your feelings.  This close encounter with the Divine will lift you up to a higher consciousness and propel you to an elevated state of health and wholeness. Each Shine Journal has a matching scripture bracelet. By wearing the bracelet, you carry a tangible reminder of the scripture or spiritual principle you're focusing on. The bracelet and journal work in harmony, supporting your spiritual growth and connection to your faith.

In both cases, the bracelet serves as a tangible representation of the journal's core message and acts as a touchstone for daily inspiration, reflection, and practice. It helps you stay mindful of your intentions and provides a physical connection to the transformative journey you're undertaking through the journaling process.

Use these journals to unveil the profound symbolism behind each bracelets' engraving. Delve into their rich meanings, allowing them to guide your contemplative practice and serve as reminders of your values, aspirations, and personal growth.

    Let your bracelets come alive with purpose and meaning today with our captivating collection of Daily Meditation Journals.

    Inside The Journal:

    • Inspirational Devotions
    • Reflection and Writing Prompts
    • Prayer and Gratitude sections
    • Personal Notes
    • Goal Setting
    • Inspirational quotes

    Frequently asked questions

    We make and ship all orders out of our main office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    Our jewelry is made of stainless steel that is hypoallergenic, lead free, and tarnish resistant . Our Rose Gold jewelry is also made with the same material as our silver jewelry which makes them hypoallergenic, lead free, and tarnish resistant as well.  Each Rose Gold item is double coated with a thick, strong and long lasting polish.  With the proper care our jewelry will last a long time. We also use high quality all natural earth stones.

    Our bracelets are made with an elastic band allowing one to stretch over the hand and come in the sizes below:

    Womens Sizes

    Small - Wrist sizes 6in to 7in

    Medium- Wrist sizes 7.1in to 8in

    Mens Sizes

    Medium - Wrist sizes 6.75ins to 7.75 in

    Large-Wrist sizes 8in to 8.75in

    The Mens Collection stones are 8mm compared to all other bracelets which are 6mm.

    We also have a children's collection
    which has two smaller sizes:

    Kids Sizes

    Kids Small - Wrist sizes 5in to 5.9 in
    Kids Medium- Wrist sizes 6in to 7 in