Bracelet Style


  • Inspire Me Bracelets are beautiful reminders that are crafted with earth stone beads and featuring a message of inspiration engraved on a stainless-steel bar.  Wear them throughout the day to fill your mind with inspiration.
  • Inspire Me Bracelets are made with 100% all-natural gemstones with a beautiful 403 grade stainless steel bar (rose gold bars are plated with 14k rose gold ).
  • The bracelet bars have NO nickel or lead to ensure the bracelets are tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Each of our bracelets are made with a strong elastic string making them super easy to put on and great for comfortable wear.
Size Information

Small - Wrist sizes 6 inches to 7 inches

Medium- Wrist sizes 7.1 inches to 8 inches

Meaning Behind The Message

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. You are my sunshine! You make me happy, when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you… Please don’t take my sunshine away.” The words of this song are simple but true. There are people in our lives who like the sun... Give us light, warmth, comfort, and energy. When situations and circumstances bring storms into our world… your smile chases all of the storm clouds away. When people and problems rain on my parade, your light shines around me producing a rainbow of brilliant colors over my head. You are my sunshine. You are like a bright morning star! Just like the sun, your energy warms cold winter days and your kindness blooms hope like the daffodils in early spring. Look around you. Sunshine always produces fruit. Your smile is your witness to your labor of love. Your life around you is the proof of the light inside of you. This bracelet is your evidence of your purpose and your power. Wear this bracelet and remember always that YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE.

Frequently asked questions

We make and ship all orders out of our main office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our jewelry is made of stainless steel that is hypoallergenic, lead free, and tarnish resistant . Our Rose Gold jewelry is also made with the same material as our silver jewelry which makes them hypoallergenic, lead free, and tarnish resistant as well.  Each Rose Gold item is double coated with a thick, strong and long lasting polish.  With the proper care our jewelry will last a long time. We also use high quality all natural earth stones.

Our bracelets are made with an elastic band allowing one to stretch over the hand and come in the sizes below:

Womens Sizes

Small - Wrist sizes 6in to 7in

Medium- Wrist sizes 7.1in to 8in

Mens Sizes

Medium - Wrist sizes 6.75ins to 7.75 in

Large-Wrist sizes 8in to 8.75in

The Mens Collection stones are 8mm compared to all other bracelets which are 6mm.

We also have a children's collection
which has two smaller sizes:

Kids Sizes

Kids Small - Wrist sizes 5in to 5.9 in
Kids Medium- Wrist sizes 6in to 7 in